Caravan Insurance

Caravan Insurance

Whether you have bought a brand new or used one, your caravan is certain to be a significant investment—something you will want protected with adequate and proper insurance. Getting the most suitable caravan insurance is an important decision that will not just protect your vehicle but also pays dividends in the long-term. For that, you need to be careful and consider several important aspects.

Tailor your Insurance Needs

Your precise needs are unique to the particular caravan model and make, so in terms of getting insurance, it is important to tailor that to what is most appropriate. It is very easy to overlook or forget some elements that are potentially critical and which might prove to be a costly insurance oversight in case something goes wrong later.

By asking the insurance experts the right kind of questions you will be ensuring that you are indeed covering your caravan’s needs perfectly, without having to pay for extras you actually don’t require.

Covering Your Caravan Contents

If you are planning on getting a touring caravan, this may require a special form of insurance cover not just for the trailer itself, but because of the added risk of theft, common for this type of mobile property and its contents.

Caravan insurance is typically extended to cover your touring caravan contents. However, as the contents could be quite valuable, ensure that when getting insurance cover you are using an accurate, up to date, and comprehensive valuation list covering every item.

For your courier van insurance, it is important to get extra cover like goods in transit protection as well as employer’s liability. To obtain the correct caravan insurance could become vital for your caravan based business.

Breakdown Cover

You could consider caravan breakdown insurance cover an essential add-on when you factor in the impact it could potentially have if you rely on your van for business transport needs. This particular type of insurance cover offers you roadside assistance in case of a breakdown that will make it possible for you to continue with your planned commercial trip.

However, premiums for this cover are likely to be higher. It is, therefore, advisable that you confirm with your Youi caravan insurance company or agent whether your caravan is eligible as there also could be some weight or height limits.

Understand Your Policy Document

Reading through your caravan insurance policy document might not be among the most scintillating or engrossing reading, but in the long-term, you will come to discover that it was more than worthwhile to do so.

The policy document describes the principal policy features, allowing you to know and decide whether the current caravan insurance continues to meet your vehicles particular requirements or whether you need to review, change or upgrade.


For a caravan enthusiast, taking out a good vehicle insurance policy is important to cover your caravan itself, fittings and fixtures as well as your personal effects. As caravan insurance policies can vary significantly from one provider to the next, ensure you check what is covered lest you find your requirements not being fully met.

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